Best PC for home theater to stream movies in 2022

The best pc for home theater is similar to a smart TV. But it is far more powerful and provides you much more versatility. It also has a much better screen resolution and comes with more ports, for compatibility. With what you can achieve in your home theater. The possibilities are both exciting and unique. A TV has some serious limitations in terms of where you can place it. It is, after all, a large piece of hardware that needs to be mounted on a wall or placed on a cabinet. And even if it were possible to mount the TV on the wall two metres above your head.

In short, this is the best pc for home theater in streaming 4k. PCs are now used worldwide to watch movies and play video games. We are increasingly moving towards a society where all our entertainment needs can be met by one device on our desktops or laps. And while PCs have been around for years now, it is usually with an expensive price tag attached. There are PCs that cost tens of thousands of dollars which do not provide significant improvements over the price tag when it comes to graphics rendering or streaming media services.

Why best pc for home theater?

The best pc for home theater in streaming 4k is a computer system with a great graphics card and with a monitor that supports 4k resolution. This is what makes this type of pc so efficient for home theater. It goes very well with the new generation of 4K TVs because it can handle higher resolutions without any trouble. They are very versatile and can be placed anywhere without getting in the way, because they are so small. Purchasing a pc for home theater doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s almost impossible to find something at the desired price that is fully-featured, and comes with a good graphics card.

Moreover it has the right display at an attractive price and is also very powerful. A pc that is primarily used as a media centre is particularly useful and smart because it allows you to connect all your equipment in one place. This includes your TV, your video game console, or any other media you may have. By combining all your equipment into one unit, you can use it as a media centre for everything. It also means that you only need to find room on one of your shelves for this powerful machine instead of having multiple components taking up space around the house.

Benefits of using it

They have an integrated graphics card, meaning you’re not going to have any lag between your game and your display. This is especially important in games because you will not have any problem with the graphics nor with the refresh rate of your display. You can play games at full speed without ever considering the difference in speeds one pc can offer over another. This is a very good thing that allows you to enjoy all your gaming sessions without any problems, and no matter where you sit. To put it short, a pc for home theater is the best home theater PC you can buy right now and will easily outperform all others at almost half the price.

It is portable, it can be moved anywhere you want and placed just about anywhere you want. It is also very powerful and it can serve as a media centre for all your electronic devices you may have around your house. You can play music or movies on the TV, use USB drives to store all your favourite songs on a computer that is always at the ready in the living room or kitchen. It’s even possible to connect your Xbox One or PS4 to the pc for home theater. This means that this type of pc lets you do more than just play games, but you’ll also be able to watch movies simultaneously.

List of the best pc for home theater

Dell OptiPlex 3070 Desktop Computer

best pc with home theater

Dell makes another powerful desktop pc with the best pc for home theater in streaming 4k. It is a wonderful mini pc which sports an Intel Core i7-8700 processor, 8 GB RAM and two drives which can be upgraded to 256 GB or 512 GB. This gives you ample space for storing your media, documents and pictures. Windows 10 Pro has a built-in virus software that keeps your computer safe from malware attacks. The OptiPlex 3070 desktop has everything you need for your media streaming and gaming needs. You can stream movies in 4k using this device without any hassle or trouble.


The OptiPlex 3070 desktop comes with a lot of storage options. You can upgrade this device to 256 GB or 512 GB if needed. It is available in a compact design that is powerful enough to handle your home theater needs. The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 processor gives you excellent graphics performance. With this pc, you can enjoy high-quality movies without any trouble at all.

Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1

pc for home theater

This mini pc for home theater is powerful enough to handle all your streaming needs. It has a great CPU, RAM and graphics card. Get this device which has 2 HDMI ports that deliver high-quality video playback. It also has other connectivity options such as 3 USB3.0 ports, 1 headphone jack, 1 HDMI port, and a media card reader slot for reading flash drives or voting cards from your mobile devices. You can use it to play movies in 4k and watch media on your tv with ease. The processor is based on the Intel Core m3-7Y30 dual core processor which gives you excellent performance while playing videos and games on this device.


It comes with a lot of features that give you the best streaming experience. This pc gives you brilliant video and audio quality while playing videos or watching movies. There are tons of reliability options that are available on this device such as, one full-HD display, 1 USB 3.0 port, 1 micro SD card slot, 1 headphone jack and a media card reader slot for using flash drives or voting cards. You can stream in 4k on this device without any issues at all!

Apple Mac Mini with Intel Processor

home theater with pc

Apple brings back one of their mini PCs and this time, it’s a Mac Mini! This PC is perfect for those who are looking for a pc with good performance and excellent graphics. It has an Intel processor and can handle 4k streaming. Its small size also makes it easy to fit on your desk and doesn’t take up much space at all. This mini pc comes with 8 GB RAM and is powered by an Intel Core i5-8250U processor. It has a 1 TB hard drive which can be upgraded to 2 TB as well if needed.


This mini pc is perfect for streaming in 4k +. It is a powerful unit that can deliver excellent performance, no matter what task you wish to perform. It also delivers quality graphics and video playback. You can upgrade its storage as well and get up to 2 TB hard drive space with this device as well. It brings another excellent pc with the best pc for home theater in streaming 4k. It comes with a powerful, that delivers greater performance on tasks like gaming and videos streaming online.


pc for home theater 2022

Intel brings more power to this tiny pc. Get the latest Intel i7-8550U processor and 8 GB RAM. It is a very powerful mini pc that uses the seventh gen Intel Core i3-8130U processor and delivers great performance, with a boosted graphics performance using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 processor. The device features two Thunderbolt 3 (tb3) ports, which allows you to connect another external storage device, or an expansion card together with your pc. Expand the storage of your mini pc using one of the two available USB 3.0 ports. This compact PC has four USB 3.


With display, processor, hard drive and memory on one board. It is a tiny box PC that has a RAM of 8GB and an internal memory of 1TB. This pc for home theater gives you all the power you need to stream movies in 4k with ease. It gives you the power you need to stream your favourite shows or play the latest games with ease. It provides faster graphics performance using the integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 processor.

Intel Compute Stick CS125 Computer with Intel Atom x5 Processor

best computer for home theater

Anyone who has used an Apple TV will love this mini pc. This tiny PC is the perfect replacement for that device, but it doesn’t just play Apple TV, it also plays all your other streaming services as well. This PC has a full HD screen and you can use it to stream in 4k! It is powered by an Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Quad Core processor. This mini pc gives you an excellent performance on its task of streaming videos and supports offline playback of music and videos. It comes with 8 GB RAM which gives you more room to store your favourite movies, music and photos in the cloud.


It delivers high performance on video streaming and gaming. This is powered by an Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Quad Core processor, which gives you smooth performance while streaming videos and playing games on your device. It supports offline playback of music and videos without any trouble at all. You can stream in 4k on this machine and play games too!

Final Verdict

These are some of the best pc for home theater that you can buy today. All of them have one common thing in them, which is excellent streaming capability. These devices deliver excellent performance on their tasks and are the best for streaming in 4k. They all have different storage options like flash drives, card reader slots and hard disk drives. Get any of them to stream your favourite movies and songs with ease!

There are also other choices available which you can check here too. The best pc for home theater is definitely the one that has produced one powerful mini pc that performs well on tasks of streaming videos and playing games. You can stream movies in 4k right on this device without any difficulty at all. All of them deliver quality video and audio streaming that you need to enjoy your media and gaming experience on a computer at home.

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