Explain Dos Attack ACK Scan & How to solve in simple ways?

When it comes to ACK scan, it will always produce a shock if you are experiencing the first time.  For information, it is important to know that when you have a look at DoS attacks. Well, they are actually happening most of the time and it will lead to slower down the web routers. Also, you need to know that DoS attack ACK scan is mainly targeting the Wi-Fi routers. It will be slower down the performance of an internet for sure. Yes, regarding that, you can get notified when it comes to router’s log file.

Generally, most of them will be thinking that PC is hacked. This could be the reason to reset or turn off the router. Also, we can see that many of them are kept changing the IP address in order to sort out this problem. But the fact is you don’t need to be worried about it. Yes, here we are going to discuss about the methods which will be helpful in preventing the issues.

Dos attack ACK scan fix

Things to know about DoS Attack ACK Scan

It is important to know that basically DoS attack is nothing but a cyber-attack. It will mainly slower down the performance of network by bringing bot traffic. But the fact is hackers will try to enter your network in order to get the access. At the same time, you need to know that many server requests may lead to crash down the network.

You need to know that ACK scan is mainly gather information regarding the transfer and firewall towards the filtered ports. At this stage, you should be aware of the fact that ACK scan is indicating that your firewall is completely working.

DoS or DDOS Attack symptoms

In case, if you are experiencing that the network or computer under DoS attack, you will be witnessing such symptoms for sure. Let’s check out some of the signs you may see below.

  • Notifications of firewall
  • ACK scan log files
  • Continous server crashes
  • Slow internet

Very common flood attacks

SYN flood: When it comes to DoS attack ACK scan, you will be going to witness that the target computer may receive a request which is not going to accept. In the end, the available ports on target computer will be busiest ones and you find difficult to check out the space availability for the users who would like to join the network further.

Buffer overflow attacks: This could be one of the common kinds of issues in DoS attacks where you can witness the encounter in the internet. Also, you need to know that huge number of bot traffic has been sent to the targeted network which may results in continuous crashes on system and performance wise slower than expected.

ICMP flood: It is mainly said to be the death ping which will affect the misconfigured network through spoofed packets. For information, the sent packets will mainly ping the targeted computer which may lead to slow down the performance.

How to solve DDos or DoS attacks

As we all know that before getting the issues, prevention is always going to be the best part for sure. At this stage, even the bots are failing to access the system, but this doesn’t mean you are not going to get any options to sort out. So, make sure to stay safe from your side by doing preparation at right time with computer or network.

If you are the one who would like to get rid of DoS attack ACK scan, then you can check out the below guidelines.

Update Operating System

For information, you need to know that Linux, Mac and Windows. They are highly getting updated when it comes to good amount of security as well as performance in network.

Increase Network Security

You need to know that this could be the better option to change the password of your network at the regular interval of time for safety. Well, you can set the password by own or even you can use through password generator available online. Yes, in order to generate the powerful password which will be difficult to break by the hackers.

So, people must be aware of the router which is properly configured or not. Also, you can turn out the WPA2 Encryption when it comes to improve the security. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget to turn off the automatic WPS configuration where you can check out at admin page in router.

It is important to know that attacks like brute force will easily break the password of your router. So, in order to maintain the safety, you can deal it with strong password.

Defence layers

For information, firewall or single anti-virus program will not be enough in order to prevent the attacks like DDoS or DoS. At this stage, you need to follow various defence programs to stay safe. So, you can go ahead with VPN, firewall and antivirus in order to keep the network safe and secure from invalid traffic.

Firmware update

It is important to know that older firmware will create a loophole when it comes to fake traffic or bots in order to penetrate into the computer. So, people should upgrade the firmware to stay safe from the attacks.

Change IP Address

If you are the one who is facing the DDoS or DoS attack kind of problem on router, then it is necessary for you to restart the router. Yes, when it comes to reassign the new IP address. Mostly such attacks will target the IP address which is same. It will slower down the internet connection for sure.

In case, when you are facing the issue in your site, then go ahead to hide IP address with the support of CDN network. Yes, it will hide the IP details and support your website to run faster or smoother.

Why DDoS or DoS attacks are happening?

For information, there are many reasons in such attack, let’s have a look at below discussed factors. Hopefully, it will be useful for sure.

Mining Crypto

You need to know that the infected routers or computers are mainly using by the hackers when it comes to mining cryptocurrency.

Stealing date

Usually, the hackers will be sending the bots to network in order to steal the data for collecting the personal data of the users in general. So, this is the data is mainly used for various purposes.


You need to know that the botnet is mainly a network of affected computer. It is handled by the hackers in order to send the spam, or DDoS attacks. For information, when you have a look at internet router, then it is said to be the mini-computer which will be controlled by Linux. So, keep it in mind that there is a chance to get hacked using DDoS attacks.

Final words

At last, you have got enough information completely related to DoS attack ACK scan that is how executed. By following the above details, you can easily prevent the attacks. Also, we can witness that there are various security applications which will be helpful in preventing the DoS attacks.

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