How to safely AMD FX 8350 fx8350 overclocking

It is important to know that AMD FX 8350 is mainly said to be the older one but still it is a best CPU comprised of 8 threads or cores. Also, you can expect the clock speed of 4GHz. When it comes to AMD, one can easily handle fx8350 overclocking CPU towards 4.2 GHz without any issues.

Also, you need to know that with the support of liquid cooling, it is possible to push up to 4.8 GHz. Here, we are going to discuss about how we can get the right performance in FX 8350.

Like we mentioned earlier that the FX 8350 is mainly considered as the older one comes up with TDP rating of 125W. At this stage, you need to know that the overclocking may lead to higher temperatures. At the same time, it is important to know that AMD stock coolers considered as the bad when it comes to handling the temperatures when you go ahead with 4.4 GHz.

In this case, people must focus on investing on the cooling outcome, if you are looking forward to overclock the AMD FX 8350. In order to crush the rising temperature, you need to know that the closed-loop liquid cooling is always better than expected.

The thing you need to know that the motherboard you are handling must support overclocking. Also, keep it in mind that not all motherboards are going to support the feature.

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Full potential with AMD FX8350 overclocking

When it comes to tweaking the performance, you can go ahead with the usage of ASUS CROSSHAIR FORMULA motherboard that is completely stable for FX series AMD CPU overclocking. When you focus on beginners, then the BIOS interface of CROSSHAIR V Formula is quite simple.

Importance of installing essential software

You need to know that before getting into overclocking the CPU, it is necessary to install essential programs in order to test the computer steadiness. When you are moving forward to stress test for GPU and CPU, you can go ahead to install with Heaven DX11 or 3D Mark.

One should keep it in mind that the stress testing is always necessary before getting into handling overclock where you can know about temperature as well as voltage of CPU with maximum load.

Entering BIOS

After the successful installation over benchmarking the applications, you need to restart the PC. If the spam is done, in order to enter the BIOS, F2 button should enter. After getting into BIOS, you will get to witness the menu. However “Extreme Tweaker” tab will be selected as default in general.

Navigate to Advanced Tab

Now, you need to move towards “Advanced Tab” and choose “CPU Configuration”.

After following the settings properly, you need to get back to “Extreme Tweaker” and make sure to set “AI Overclock Tuner” to manual.

Change CPU Ratio & Other Settings

You need to change the CPU ratio to 20 and it is necessary that AMD Turbo Core technology as “Disabled”. Now, keep it in mind that make sure to leave the CPU bus frequency and PCIe frequency as “Auto”.

During the process of changing the memory frequency, it is necessary for you to pick the memory type that you are accessing. So, we all know that handling DDR3 ram clocked at 1333 MHz. At this stage, we need to set the similar value.

Now, you need to set the CPU/NB frequency to 2200 MHz and make sure to set HT link speed as 2600 MHz.

It is important for you to change the settings now.

VRM/Power Control Tweak

When you scroll down the tab, you will get to witness Digi VRM/Power control option. Now, tap on the enter button.

You can witness the features list where the first one is CPU load line calibration. It is depend on the motherboard as well as power supply nature.

For information, load line calibration is mainly provides the CPU with extra voltage in general. If you are the one who is using good quality power supply with the support of gold rating, then make sure to set “Ultra” option.

By witnessing the CPU load line calibration below, you can see CPU/NB load line and you can set it as “High”.

Now, make sure to set the CPU/NB voltage over current protection and CPU voltage over-current protection as 130%. And, it is important to know that you shouldn’t change the last four settings.

CPU Voltage setting

Now, you need to get back to Extreme Tweaker tab and you should move towards the CPU as well as CPU/NB voltage tab.

It is important to change the CPU manual voltage that is from auto to 1.37V and you can go ahead with CPU/NB voltage to 1.17.

CPU Bus Frequency Setting

After completing the settings, you need to change “CPU bus frequency” from auto to 220. Now you can witness the Target CPU speed which is available at the right corner that is changing to 4400MHz.

At the same time, you need to know that changing the CPU bus frequency may change the values when it comes to Memory frequency as well as CPU/NB frequency. So, it is important for you to change the values manually before for the features.

Save settings

Once done with the overclock settings, it is the right time for you to tap on F10 in order to save and make sure to restart the computer. After boot up with the windows, you need to open the 3D mark and make sure to run the simulation in order to witness if the system is stable.

Final words

At last, you need to know that this is how the fx8350 overclocking in a smoother way. At the same time, it is important for you to have good cooling solution before getting into overclock the CPU. It is necessary to do the stress test with CPU and once done with overclocking, you will find there are no issues. Also, keep it in mind that you can overclock the AMD FX 8350 to 4.5 GHz. Yes, by changing the CPU bus frequency value i.e from 220 to 225. At the end of the day, going with small values is way better than setting higher values.

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