How to Fix: “$annotatedconnectexception”

Are you facing the error message “$annotatedconnectexception” while playing your favorite game?

It is an annoying moment to face this annoying error message on your computer screen while accessing your favorite game. This error message usually flashes on your screen when it fails to connect between the server and the host computer. The error is limited to single host systems and can occur on multiple computers.


What is the “$annotatedconnectexception” error?

The “$annotatedconnectexception” is one of the most common and old error messages that occur on different gaming servers like Minecraft. If we talk about Minecraft this game includes more than 90 million active players globally.

The error generally arises due to the overall loading of the game server with millions of traffic. The error not only prevents your access to the game but also can affect the overall performance of your computer system as well.

What does “$annotatedconnectexception” cause?

There are multiple reasons behind the error issue “$annotatedconnectexception“. But the most common among all is the slow internet connection and the firewall settings. Any loss of contact between the host and the gaming server can prevent your access to your favorite game. 

 The issue generally arises on the screen with a black background. Moreover, a “Back to Server” button is also given there on the black screen. Although the error is quite annoying, one can quickly fix it just by requesting the establishment of the connection back with the central server. A time-out message is usually flashed on one’s screen when the host struggles to make a connection or fails to establish the link within the given period. A lousy internet connection or an overloading server usually lies behind the time-out messages.

How to troubleshoot “$annotatedconnectexception” error?

Once you know the main reason behind any error issue, it becomes much more accessible for people to find related solutions. If you are also facing the error message “$annotatedconnectexception” on your home screen right now, you can quickly resolve it by using the working solutions given below:

Solution 1: Wait for the Server

The gaming server usually has a lot of requests from the host computers to join in. The presence of such a vast number of bids may overload the server. It takes time for the server to accept each request individually, which can lead to time-out situations. If the host has lost its connection with the gaming server due to overloading, you can wait for the server to establish the connection again.

Solution 2: Check your IP address

The IP address establishes a connection between the host and the gaming server. Minecraft games are restricted to some internet protocols. If you are facing the error “$annotatedconnectexception” on your computer system, check your current IP address and place it into the Minecraft game server under the IPV4 address.

Solution 3: Change the Firewall Settings

Changing the firewall settings can also help you eliminate the annoying error “$annotatedconnectexception”. Any issues in your Windows firewall can lead users to make reliable connections between your host computer and the gaming server. If this firewall is causing the problem, you can quickly check for the gaming server on it. Disable the firewall to get rid of this annoying issue. Moreover, you can also make some tweaks to your firewall settings so that the gaming server can trick all the JAVA Platform SE Binary boxes.

Solution 4: Update Java

Failure to update Java drivers may also be behind the error “$annotatedconnectexception”. One can quickly fix the issue by updating their Java drivers. If you don’t know how to do it, head toward the Control Panel of your device and then launch the Java icon from there. Once done, launch the Update tab from the given options, followed by tapping on the Update Now button to allow installation of the new drivers to your computer system.

Solution 5: Opt for a perfect internet connection

The error “$annotatedconnectexception” is quite common in locations with poor internet connection. Such a situation leads games to request a time-out position, preventing their access to the competition. To avoid such a situation from happening. Just make sure you have an active internet connection with more bandwidth. While picking up the internet services, ensure that you have one with at least 10Mbps bandwidth. It is the minimum bandwidth required to connect with the busy gaming server. 

Solution 6: Reset your Internet Router

If it’s your internet router that is creating the conflict due to the presence of too many outgoing requests from your PC, the only thing that can help you at this moment is resetting the router. The only thing that you have to do here is to press a small reset button at the back. Once you will successfully do with the router resetting, you can quickly establish the connection again and can check whether it is working or not.


So, Guys! These are one of the best and quick fixes for successfully resolving error issues “$annotatedconnectexception“. It is one of the most annoying errors that prevent your access to high-end games like Minecraft. All of the solutions given above are pretty quick and easy and don’t require any professional help to proceed on. You can quickly go through these and find the one depending on the situation. We have tried to resolve all of your issues perfectly. If you still have any, you can drop your query in the comment section given below.

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