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Intel refers to their entry-level CPU lineup as Celeron. These should only utilize for the least taxing workloads. A Celeron can easily defeat by an Intel Pentium CPU and that’s saying a lot, is celeron good to put it briefly. Celeron CPUs are dual-core chips without enabling hyperthreading or boost clocks, which accounts for their poor performance and low price. For a long time, Intel’s product lineup has included Celeron processors. Since their initial 1998 release, they have been promoted as low-performance options.

Celeron is the entry-level (and least expensive) processor in Intel’s P6 architecture-based microprocessor series. It shares the same architecture as the Pentium II line, but lacks certain of the high-performance characteristics of that range. Celeron models released after the 300 A contain an L1 and L2 cache on the microchip, allowing the cache to be accessed at the same frequency as the processor.

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The Pentium II’s L2 cache is larger than the Celeron’s (128 kilobytes) (512 KB). However, because the L2 cache for the Celeron is integrated into the CPU chip and the L2 cache for the Pentium II is not, their actual L2 speeds are very similar. Initially appealing to power users due to their clock speeds of up to 466 MHz, Celeron CPUs should be compared to the computing capacity of the Pentium II to understand their practical application. The Celeron CPUs performed well in comparison to Pentium II processors in ZDNet’s CPUmark 99 benchmark tests.

The processor is positioned by Intel as a component for entry-level PCs. They believe it offers enough performance for word processing and web browsing for residential and business customers to know more from computer infoz. Power users and avid gamers might want to consider upgrading to the Pentium II’s at a higher price.  Celeron can be installed in a Socket 370 or Slot 1 motherboard. The Celeron supports symmetric multiprocessing, just like Intel’s other P6 processors ( SMP ).

What Is the Difference Between a Pentium and a Celeron Processor?


Both CPUs have a basic dual-core architecture, with the Pentium being the chip above the entry-level Celeron. Both support up to 128 GBs of RAM and feature integrated graphics as well (computer memory).


The cache memory for the Celeron and Pentium 2021 lines typically ranges from two to four megabytes (cache memory is where frequently used data is stored). 

Clock speed

The 2021 Celeron series offers options with clock speeds up to 3.6 GHz, while Pentiums rank just slightly faster, with clock speeds up to 4.3 GHz. A CPU’s clock speed indicates how quickly it can process data. 

Bus speed

Both currently offer up to eight gigatransfers per second, which is quite comparable. (A bus is a circuit that links many motherboard components together. Information can travel quicker on a bus if it can process more data at once. Each CPU is capable of quickly and efficiently handling file transfers from devices like USB drives. 

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The”hyper-threading” will be the key benefit Pentiums have over Celerons. The operating system can effectively “divide” each processor core in half because of this feature. This means that a dual-core Pentium can actually perform comparable to a quad-core. According to the manufacturer, will hyper-threading can increase computing speeds during CPU-intensive workloads by up to 30%. The Pentium was once Intel’s premium processor, but the Core series has since supplanted it, bringing it down to a mid-range item. The Core line has generally higher metrics and is geared for enterprises and entrepreneurs.

They don’t have a limit of two CPU cores but have clock speeds comparable to Pentium CPUs. In fact, the top of the range has an incredible 18 cores, making it faster than the more affordable versions. Core CPUs offer the same bus speed as Intel’s other alternatives but far larger cache memory, measured in megabytes. They also get a “turbo boost” feature that enables the CPU to automatically overclock for brief periods of time. Additionally. is celeron good that enables hyper-threading, further enhancing the multi-core performance. The most costly Core machines retail for about $500, whereas a Celeron CPU may cost under $100 and a Pentium roughly between $100 and $200.

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This speed does come at a cost.   Given that they are built on four Pentium cores but have less cache memory, Celeron processors are a decent value. If you use Windows 8.1 or 7, these may be especially helpful. Celeron CPUs are the best option for small company and personal use if you’re looking for a good deal. Even though they frequently share the same fundamental processor technology, Intel recognise for providing its Core brand with processors that are more potent than the comparable Celeron or Pentium versions.

A 3DMark Physics score of 14133 puts the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X with DirectX 12.00 ahead of the Intel Core i9-10900K Processors.  The number of cores on the Celeron and Core i3 processors is equal. However,  has a Core i3 is a superior option because it has an 18GHz clock speed compared to Celeron’s 1.1GHz. Since i5 technology is based on the 1156 socket, it cannot used to replace a Celeron, which belongs to the LGA775 socket family. Upgrading is therefore not possible. 

The fact that Intel Celeron processors are so inexpensive is by far their greatest benefit. Furthermore, in comparison to other Intel CPUs, they feature a very low Thermal Design Power (TDP). For this reason, you can frequently find them in budget laptops and Chromebooks. The “N” prefix is present on all Intel laptop versions (Celeron N4020, for example). Desktop models, is celeron good on the other hand, are identified by a “G” (Celeron G6900), but they are not as popular.

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The fact that Intel continues to update its Celeron CPUs each year alongside their more potent brothers suggests that there must be a good rationale for this.  The fact that Intel continues to update its CPUs each year alongside their more potent brothers suggests that there must be a good rationale for this. A new Celeron G6900 is part of the 12th Gen Alder Lake CPU lineup, and is celeron good too features the much-discussed new “performance cores.”

The answer to such a question is ultimately entirely subjective. What you intend to do with your computer will determine everything. Because they belong in tablets, Chromebooks, micro PCs, and laptops, CPUs are widely available in all of these devices. They are made to handle simple tasks like word processing or web browsing. So an Intel will be more than adequate if all you need is a computer to browse the web and type up essays.Although it might not be the best choice, it will nonetheless accomplish the desired result.

Is a Celeron good for Processor Run Games?

Intel Celeron laptop models fall under the “what you see is what you get” group. They are terribly under powered in comparison to the vast bulk of Intel’s product line, rendering them completely ineffective for anything requiring even a small amount of CPU power. In contrast to their laptop counterparts, desktop versions have a little greater power.   You can technically game on, but you should seriously temper your expectations. You won’t be playing any recent games, to start. Most of these games need at least 4 CPU cores, which Intel Celerons do not have. 


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