Is warzone more cpu or gpu intensive in detail?

Are you a fan of Call of Duty Warzone? Call of Duty Warzone is one of the most famous battle royale genres that comes up with a massive map where one can easily take a toll on almost any PC. The gameplay has successfully gone through extra security and safety tests, providing you with a secure platform to work on. The gameplay perfectly tests the limits of your PC hardware. The game requires enough space on your PC. If you are also planning to be a part of this gameplay, you must find the answer to the question, “is warzone more cpu or gpu intensive?”

Is warzone more gpu intensive

System Requirements for call of Duty Warzone

If you are eager to find out the answer to the query “is warzone more cpu or gpu intensive?” The very first thing you need to do is to know about the system requirements for the game in detail. One can play the COD Warzone game even with the 4th generation Core i3 4340 processors. It is usually the minimum requirement for the game. But qualifying that level for the minimum standards doesn’t mean you will get smoother frame rates.

One should have a high-end graphics card and CPU to ensure smoother performance. High-end specs make it easier for the users to conveniently get high-end resolution, i.e., 1080p settings in the game.

Most modern FPS games today are designed to use more Cores and clock speed out of the CPU, which is the main reason; it is always recommended to have at least a six-core CPU for running COD War Zone smoothly on your device. One needs to have at least 8GB of VRAM to play games at 1080p settings efficiently.

Is Call of Duty Warzone CPU or GPU Intensive?

is warzone more cpu or gpu intensive?” is one of the most asked queries and needs to be resolved perfectly before starting to enjoy the gameplay. Call of Duty Warzone is supposed to be a GPU-intensive game that requires a lot of space in your memory for smooth functioning. The gameplay requires a powerful CPU to work on to ensure smooth and hassle-free hardware.

It is pretty efficient for the users to have a more powerful GPU than the CPU. In case you want to extract high-end performance with the game, we advise you to run the game with high settings, and consistently high FPS. one usually requires a good CPU and a powerful GPU for successfully running high-end games on a PC. If you are willing to be a part of this gameplay and are looking forward to improving your overall user experience, you must work on its GPU. It would help if you upgraded your GPU and needed to upgrade your CPU and RAM speed.

Before leading further with the gameplay, one thing that we would like to make clear here is that Call of Duty Warzone is poorly optimized for PC. The gameplay includes a massive map with tons of weapons, players, vehicles, and buildings for rendering and loading.

To run the gameplay smoothly, you need a high-performing PC with smooth 60+ FPS with little or no lag.

Testing “Is Call of Duty Warzone CPU or GPU Intensive?”

COD Warzone usually puts on more stress on the graphics cards. One can quickly notice GPU fans whistling loudly and pushing out hot air away from it consistently while playing high-end games like COD Warzone on your device at 1440p settings.

For successful testing, it is always advised to pick up a mid-range gaming PC perfectly paired up with a Core i5-10400F CPU with an Nvidia GTX 1660 Super Graphics card and 32GB of DDR4 RAM.

One can quickly check the details or stress on the CPU or GPU by launching the Task Manager in the side panel.

Running the COD Warzone game on 1080p settings, the GPU usage is about 97%, whereas the CPU usage is about 57%. One needs a decent gaming PC with powerful graphics cards to run COD Warzone efficiently.

What are the main reasons for high CPU usage in Call of Duty Warzone?

Whether it is about poor optimization or heavy construction, there are different reasons behind the higher CPU usage in Call of Duty Warzone. Poor performance on average PCs is one of the main reasons that push people to think of “Is Call of Duty Warzone CPU or GPU intensive?”

The main reason why you are currently facing higher CPU usage in Warzone are:

Outdated CPU

The usage of outdated CPUs is often the main reason why people face high CPU usage in Warzone. Most of the time, people forget to upgrade their CPU and upgrade GPU multiple times before opting for a powerful processor. It affects your computer’s overall performance and can lead you to severe lagging issues.

Old Drivers

The presence of old drivers also leads to high CPU usage. It is always advised to update the drivers consistently to ensure high end performance.

Insufficient RAM

If you currently face high CPU usage in Warzone, the chances are pretty high that you have insufficient RAM in your device. It is always advised to have a minimum of 8GB of RAM to run COD Warzone on your device successfully.

What are the reasons behind getting higher GPU Usage in COD Warzone?

The only reason behind higher GPU usage in the COD Warzone game is the poor optimization of the game itself. It is a high-end game that fails to perform even with powerful graphics cards. The game eats more VRAM from the graphics cards and higher GPU usage.

Can we play COD Warzone without a GPU?

Not. It is impossible at all to run a high-end game like COD Warzone on a PC without a graphics card. One can easily play the game with the lowest possible settings with excellent integrated graphics cards. But the same settings will still only provide you 30FPS even at 720p. To ensure high-end resolution, one should opt for a dedicated graphics card while playing COD Warzone.

Which graphics cards would you prefer for playing games like Call of Duty Warzone?

One can easily play the COD Warzone game on different graphics cards, such as Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 6GB. GTZ 1660Ti, AMD RX 5700 XT, AMD RX 5500 XT, Nvidia RTX 2060, RTX 2080, RTX 3060 Ti, etc. Whichever graphics card you pick for running COD Warzone, keep in mind that it includes more VRAM installed. Call of Duty  Warzone is a VRAM eater game requiring more VRAM options.


So, Guys! Hopefully, we have perfectly resolved your query, “Is Call of Duty Warzone CPU or GPU intensive?” perfectly now. It is a graphically intense game and requires more power from powerful graphics cards. The game usually runs on higher settings and shifts the pressure toward your CPU. It is always advised to opt for graphics cards with higher VRAM options for enjoying seamless access over the COD Warzone game. A better CPU will assist you in achieving higher frame rates in the game. So, if you are willing to take your gaming experience higher with COD Warzone, you need to spend some more money on upgrading your GPU and CPU.

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