How to fix League of Legends Stuttering with the best solutions

It is important to know more about stuttering and what are the common reasons behind that. Also, it can lead to underpowered GPU or CPU. At this stage, if you are still thinking that your computer contains many requirements in order to play League of Legends, and then stuttering can be happened based on other issues as well.  So, people who all are really looking forward to solve the league of legends stuttering issue in League of Legends in a simple way, you can check out the below discussion. Hope it will be helpful for all the seekers for sure.

Fix league of legends shuttering

Important reasons to trigger the league of legends stuttering

If you are the one who is experiencing it for a long time, then you must know that behind the lagging here would latest updates of Windows 10, GPU drivers outdated and more. Yes, you may feel that this is not an issue, but when you check out forums, this is the report sharing by many. The thing one should keep it in mind is which will definitely affect the gameplay for sure.

Best solutions to troubleshoot stuttering issues in League of Legends

You can follow the below solutions in order to sort out the league of legends stuttering issue further.

Game mode disable

For information, when you have a look at windows 10, you can witness the feature like Game mode. Yes, you can turn ON while playing a game. However, on the other hand, you can see that some of the graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia which may cause freeze and lags in League of legends.

If you move ahead to disable the game mode, then it will fix the stuttering issue when it comes to League of Legends.

So, people should move ahead to “Windows Search Bar” which is located at the left corner bottom of screen and make sure to enter “Gaming Mode”. Now, you can tap on it and go ahead to turn off “Game mode”.

You can now restart the computer and move ahead to run the game to witness whether the issue has been sorted. In case, if the problem continues, then go ahead with next better solution.

Turn ON V-Sync

The thing you need to know is this could be the most effective solution in order to sort out the lagging issue when it comes to League of Legends. For instance, when you have Nvidia graphics on your computer, all you need to right click on the desktop and choose “NVIDIA Control Panel”.

You can see Manage 3D settings and make sure to tap on that option where you can witness the panel which is available at the screen’s right side. Now, you can search for V-Sync which is in the list and set as “ON”.

When it comes to AMD cards, you can tap on right click when it comes to desktop and choose the settings of AMD Radeon. Now, move towards Global Settings and then choose the option “Wait for Vertical Refresh” option. At this stage, you can opt for the option “Enhance Sync” and restart the computer.

Windows 10 updates uninstall

You will get an opportunity to reduce stutter by just removing the latest updated in League of Legends. So, make sure to remove the updates, if you are looking for the game to run finely.

All you need to do is to move towards control panel or you can go ahead with “Windows update”. To get that, type it in windows search bar to get into windows update in order to uninstall the latest updates.

Update GPU drivers

If you are the one who is handling an older graphics and missed to update the driver after purchase, then definitely you will be going to witness the lags as well as league of legends stuttering during the time of playing. However, keep it in mind that driver update of graphics card of quite easier than expected.

For instance, if you are handling Nvidia graphics card, then you can go ahead with the Nvidia site where you can check out the graphics card model. Now, you need to download and install further with the drivers. After that, move ahead to restart the computer to experience the changes.

You can witness the same with AMD graphics cards. Now, make sure to visit the respective site of AMD and enter GPU model. You can now download the drivers as well as install them. Make sure to don’t forget about restarting the computer to witness the new changes.

Adjust In-game settings

If the settings is not properly followed, then there is a chance to cause league of legends stuttering when it comes to playing a game. By visiting the “Video settings”, you can tap on “Increased Performance” and set to low settings.

During this stage, you must be aware of “Frame Rate Cap” which is in Advanced settings. Now, you need to adjust the option like 60Ffps or 120fps according to refresh rate of specs or monitor.

If you are the one who is handling entry-level GPU, then go ahead to disable “Anti-Aliasing” which will cause graphics card to experience stutter and lags while playing.

Other solutions

You can also close the background application which may consume loads of ram. In order to handle that, you can move towards Task Manager and tap on the processes where you can witness that what are all the apps are consuming more memory. To fix it, you can tap on “End Task”.

On the other hand, if your internet connection is low which may also lead to experience the lag and stutter. So, before getting into it, make sure to check out whether the internet connection is stable or not.


At the end of the day, these are the solutions which will be going to support you in order to fix the stuttering issues when it comes to League of Legends. In case, if these are not working properly, then keep it in mind that there will be an issue in GPU or CPU.

Also, if your graphics card facing over heat, then the result will be in lower side. So, you need to check out such issues with hardware. The best thing is you can also install third-party applications like HWMonitor or GPU-Z, CPU-Z.


Why experiencing the lag in LoL wild rift?

It is important to know that there are various reasons when it comes to lagging in LoL wild rift. Also, it is because of outdated GPU drivers, low level settings, game mode in windows 10 and more.

Does VSync lead to stuttering in LoL?

If the Vsync is ON and frame rate falls below the refresh rate of display and lead to stutter. Also, it will create horizontal tears as well on your display screen. This thing may lead to lags or stuttering while playing a game.

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