Things to know about Steep Growth in the Number of PC Gamers

PC gaming has taken over a massive boom in the last few years. Most people today prefer gaming on the more widescreen. It is why they consistently check for the best PC gaming platforms in the marketplace. The number of PC gamers has increased significantly in the last few years. If we go with the data from Statista, the total number of users has touched 1.75 billion around the globe in 2020, and the number of PC gamers will reach about 1.85 billion by 2024.

PC gamers growth

We are raising the number of PC gamers all across the globe

PC is supposed to be one of the leading and reliable gaming platforms worldwide. The number of PC gamers has consistently gained massive popularity in the last few years. About 40% of the games of the globe come up only from Asia. Moreover, Europe currently serves as the second highest number of users, with almost 468 million people, whereas Latin America stands at the third position with 258 million users.

What is the main reason behind such a steep growth in PC gamers?

The growth rate of PC gamers has not changed much since 2020. Even the covid restriction has failed to hit the PC gaming market. If we go with the records, about 200 million people in 2020 started playing games on a PC. Moreover, a steep increase in the sale of PC equipment such as graphic cards, gaming chairs, monitors, and much more. They have also been noticed in the last few years.

The sales of pre-built high-end gaming PCs have almost doubled in the last few years, and the number is supposed to be doubled in the upcoming ones. A wide range of games like Steam and Epic is available for the PC platform. The growth rate of PC gaming is supposed to be raised by 30% by the year 2025.

The introduction of cloud gaming has eased up the access of gamers’ access. One can easily play their favorite AAA games without using any high-end equipment on their PC. The high-end gaming PC is usually quite costly, and not everyone there has that much of a budget to spend on these.

Cloud gaming

The introduction of cloud gaming has eased up things for gamers now. One can easily search and explore their favorite games without spending too much space or money on them. The best thing about cloud gaming is that it offers gamers the facility to compete with the best gamers all around the world. Cloud gaming has made it easier for gamers to sharpen their gaming skills.

Cloud gaming is quite affordable and makes it easier for gamers. Yes, to play their favorite high-end games without spending hard-earned cash. The introduction of cloud gaming not only made it convenient for users to find reliable and best gaming platforms.

It has not only helped gamers but also helped gaming companies establish a greater audience. They can easily reach out to new customers and raise their profits quite conveniently.

These games can not only be played conveniently on high-end PCs but also can be played on smartphones as well. The only reason why a steep growth has been noticed among PC gamers is the convenience and user interface. PC provides gamers a broader screen to enjoy, which takes one’s gaming experience to the next level.

In addition, deploying the 4G and 5G technology also significantly motivated people to pay for high-speed internet to enjoy the extreme experience of playing games on a cloud server. The only thing that comes to mind while listening to the term cloud gaming is that it provides the same level of gaming satisfaction that one gets in real-world PC gaming.

Is it worth having a gaming PC?

A gaming PC is just a way to improve one’s gaming experience. However, a wide range of games is available in the marketplace that we can conveniently play on our smartphones. Still, not all of them can satisfy the expectations of actual gamers. PC games are usually high-end games that land you in a virtual gaming world that seems realistic to a greater extent. These games generally feature high-end tools and techniques and consume a lot of memory space. Installing and enjoying these high-end games on smartphones or other gadgets is undoubtedly impossible, so people look for high-end gaming PCs to level up the gaming experience.

These gaming PCs usually come up with high-end graphics, RAM, internal storage, and much more, making things much more convenient for gamers. These PCs are typically designed to run smoothly on most games and don’t show any lagging issues. Just install the game on your device or get access to it using your web browser and start enjoying the world of gaming with your gaming PC effortlessly.

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