What does streamer mode do in discord? and How to enable it?

Discord has made it simpler than ever to play your favorite games while chatting with your friends. When streaming modern video games like PUBG, CS: GO, Call of Duty, etc., communication is crucial. It has some fantastic features that you actually need while playing a game on a server with your teammates because of Discord. The “Streamer Mode” is the most current feature that Discord has added. And in this article, we’ll go over What does streamer mode do in discord and how you may use it to your advantage.

An Overview of Discord Streamer mode:

Streamer mode is a Discord feature designed to safeguard your personal information while you stream video games over the internet or through Discord. In essence, the feature ensures that the hundreds of visitors viewing your stream won’t learn any of your private information. Take the situation where you are broadcasting a game and a Discord notice for a personal message appears. You wouldn’t want your audience to read a message that you received, would you?

The streamer mode comes into play here. It enables you to easily conceal your data so that you can stream without feeling pressured to maintain your privacy. For instance, you might have a live stream that has more than 1000 viewers. You don’t want to display additional items that are popping up on your screen right now. All you want is for them to focus solely on your gameplay. By just turning on the new mode, you can quickly keep those unwanted pop-ups, texts, and invitations away. You may came across the frequent asked question What does streamer mode do in discord, let us see the detailed explanation about it.

What can you hide using Discord Streamer Mode?

You might be curious about what data Discord’s streamer mode hides when it is enabled. The following information can presently be hidden or disabled using this feature:

Personal Details

Discord will immediately hide your email, associated accounts, notes, and your username after you enable streamer mode. In this manner, you can securely stream video games without having to worry about unintentionally disclosing private information to viewers. Thanks to this useful feature, you won’t have viewers swarming your Discord with friend requests.

Invite links

You will have access to the server’s invite links if you are the server owner or moderator. Discord’s streamer mode makes sure you don’t unintentionally share your server’s invite code, preventing arbitrary outsiders from connecting to your server. When the feature is enabled, the gaming chat app displays three dots in place of the invite code. If you have streamer mode turned on, the invite link for your server will additionally mention “Hidden; Use copy button.”

Unwanted notification or Message tones

Even if you enjoy listening to hours of Discord pings, your viewers are probably going to find the sound distracting when they are watching your stream. Thankfully, Streamer mode also has you covered in this area. While in streamer mode, you can turn off all sound effects by turning on a toggle.

Streamer mode also enables you to disable all Discord notifications while broadcasting a game, similar to how Discord sounds work. As a result, you should be able to stream video games nonstop.

What are the procedures to Enable Streamer Mode in Discord?

  • To reach your account’s settings page, open Discord and click on the Settings gear icon in the bottom-left corner of the home screen.
  • To access the streamer mode options, click “Streamer Mode” in the “App Settings” section of the left sidebar.
  • The option to activate streamer mode should now be visible at the top. Simply turn on the toggle for “Enable Streamer Mode.” Alternatively, you may leave the “Automatically Enable/ Disable” slider set to “On” to have Discord automatically enable the feature whenever it detects the presence of game recording software like OBS on your computer.
  • The settings page for streamer mode includes a separate “Options” section as well. When streaming, you have control over what is hidden in Discord. With the help of their dedicated toggles, you can decide whether to display or conceal personal information, invite links, and noises and notifications.

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The Bottom lines:

To summarize, from the above-given article we have gained knowledge about What does streamer mode do in discord and how to enable it. In today’s world, using Streamer Mode is the best way to keep your personal information secure while streaming online. It only takes a few minutes to sync Discord with your streaming software. You can protect the privacy of your information and stop obtrusive notifications from appearing on your screen in this manner.








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